Kiri:Moto – Free Browser Based mostly 3D Printing, CNC, and Lasering Software program

It was solely this morning that I ended up opening Kiri:Moto and tinkering with it. Apparently, it is a pretty well-known software package, however in the present day was my day to search out out. I’m fairly impressed, and I feel in case you haven’t seen it but, you is perhaps impressed too.

Kiri:Moto is an internet suite of free instruments that does:

  • Slicing for filament based mostly 3d printers
  • slicing for resin based mostly 3d printers
  • CNC software paths
  • laser software paths

This all runs in your browser. I used to be really creating cnc paths and slicing prints on my iPad this morning! (sadly the obtain button didn’t work on the iPad, however I didn’t mess with it a lot to see if there’s a workaround).

The software itself appears extremely highly effective, with a bunch of machines already pre-programmed. It additionally has integrations instantly with OpenSCad, permitting you to design within the browser, then pop over and slice there as nicely. That’s fairly neat.

What do you think?


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